Donovan Devaldue



Donovan is… was a man of honour. This old timer was the bartender and owner of The Lazuli Lounge before it was passed down to Viridis, the closes this he has to a daugher. Donovans silver hair was matched with a silver tongue, he could talk you into selling your soul to him for a half eater bag of nuts and have you walking away thinking you got a bargain!


No one knows where this old timer came from, one day he was just THERE! He opened a bar in the lower quadrant of Outpost 9, The Lazuli Lounge. The bar became a safe haven for street urchins that lived in the neighborhood, it kept the kids out of the sewers and out of trouble. To this day it is still the single safest place on the Outpost.

Donovan Devaldue

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