Mjolnir Dax

Short fuse - Loaded gun


Born within the Drasi Empire, Mjolnir Dax (Mjol) was raised within one of the royal families under the tyranny of his parents and older sister. At a young age, Mjol proved to be troublesome in a family known for its hierarchy within the Drasi Empire. As the tyrannical nature of his parents and older sister grew, as did his rebellious attitude.

In his teenage years, Mjol ran away from the Drasi Empire to the Slums beyond their sectors, here he built upon the combat knowledge he already had and ended up running alongside several gangs. In his young adulthood, Mjolnir went on to form the mercenary band, White Sun, with its other founding members.

Starting out by running small odd jobs for gangs and companies, White Sun eventually became a branch of business hired to hunt down Foregoer technology, while on one of these missions, White Sun was wiped out by the ghost faction, during this mission the only two survivors were Mjolnir himself and youngest recruit, Scythe. The two survivors walked away with a map to a Foregoer bunker and a sword as the rest of White Sun lay dead at their feet.

Currently Mjolnir works alongside Viridis as ‘stubbornly reckless’ security for The Lazuli Lounge, where most of the damage is dealt through him personally as he works off an ‘overdue’ bar tab and property damage, usually covered by the customers of Outpost 9.

Mjolnir Dax

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