One Nez

Documentary Photographer


This short stature reporter has been known to cause trouble, talking her way into more trouble than out! Her mission? To produce the “Next Big Thing” whatever that may be, and it looks like she has found it in the possession of Dr Celine Eilts.


Growing up in the middle class is as good as it gets for the average Joe, but Nez wanted more! She saw a story, something out THERE! in the universe that has not been told yet, and she’d be damned if she wasn’t the one telling it!

Nez found her way into her high school newspaper and the rest is history. She later moved into documentaries and then put herself through vid school herself.

Finding jobs was easy, selling the stories, not so much… Everyone saw the same things in the news, and no one cared about the vast and exiting worlds that laid out there waiting for them… So Nez made her way to the war zones, everyone wanted to know what was going on there.

While reporting on a story a grenade went off near the convoy she was in, the shrapnel tore through her like a warm knife through soft snow… She shouldn’t have made it however, a strange benefactor was pleased with the work she did and paid top credits for state-of-the-art cybernetics. Nez’s heart and spine was replaced giving her some of the most advanced robotics in the galaxy, she also received a ‘vest’ of sorts that connected in her back and around her chest to give her protection where she needed it most.

One Nez

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