24 year old Scythe came from Echuin (e-qu-win) on the far side of Outpost 9, he is generally a quiet individual spending most of his time in his own head. Keeping calm may not be his strong suit however, in the heat of battle, the thick of the thick, he’ll be cool as a cucumber. The problems come when he doesn’t have anything to hit, he can snap as easily as a bottle in a bar.

At 5"10 Scythe is well built, his short black hair unkempt showing the scar over his right eye, no memory of the scar remains. Forgotten pasts lay in his dark blue eyes, this olive-tan skin showing traces of his past, cuts and scars unaccounted for with nothing to say of what happened.

His well toned physique is covered up with tattoos, a full sleeve on his right and the lady death on his back. A thin golden chain around his neck holds a pendent of his past, a memory kept safe and treasured for a decade, inscribed on the pendent “Kolton”.


Scythe grew up on a farm with his dad, a hard life but a good one, his mother died in childbirth. He shared a deep bond with his dad, they were never rich, but always happy.
When raiders came to the farm and buchered his father in front of him something broke inside Scythe. He grabed a scythe by the barn and buchered the raiders.
When Scythe came to he found himself on another planet. Lost and alone he couldn’t remember anything that had happened. He was arrested for theft but sent to an asylum because he was passed as clinically insane by a psychiatrist. He was given extensive shock therapy and had multiple sedations tested on him.
When he got out he tried to change his life, finding a nice town near a lake he was happy for a while, he worked in a store, when one day someone tried to rob it, he snapped. He woke in a pool of blood with a scythe in his hands, thats where Dax found him with the merch crew. Scythe was lost, he joined them. Scythe took up smoking and drinking and life changed, a few years later his entire team was killed and he found their corpses. He didn’t know if he did it or not.
Dax gave him the falchion he found and he started to remember, so Scythe decided to come back to Outpost 9 to find out what happened to his father.


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