Captain V, Tending bars and taking names


At 23 Viridis is a scrappy bar tender turned reluctant captain. Her gold whiskey eyes are always on the lookout for weaknesses to exploit. Her hair is an overgrown mohawk that is kept tied up and out of the way. The yellow sundress she is currently wearing originally caused her to feel ill has now somehow grown on her.
She absolutely has a thing for pirates.


Growing up is rough, having to grow up early is worse, Viridis grew up when she was 4. Living on Outpost 9 V took each day as it came, she was born into an orphanage never knowing family. On Outpost 9 nothing lasts, the orphanage burned down and V was left to the mercy of the slums.
This is where Donovan (aka. The Don) found her, he took her in as his own and life was better. The rest of V’s childhood was by no means easy… but it wasn’t as difficult.

She grew up in The Lazuli Lounge where she mastered her trade, people, she could talk you out of your wallet before you were in the door. This occasionally got her into trouble, she liked trouble, she liked fighting.

Later in life V found a new hobby in people, that could also pay some bills, she loved to connect with people, and people seem to love to connect with her.
Not to long after V reached her teen years The Don passed away leaving V with the bar and more question than glasses to fill.


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