any long blade fixed to a handle

weapon (melee)

Swords come in all shapes and sizes. There are as many prices for swords as there are swords.

Sword or blade prices:
Poor: 100 credits
Average: 500 credits
Standard: 1,000 credits

These prices can change depending on where the blades are purchased, what condition they are is and what quality they are.

The swords for sale are all versatile and function to design, this being said, the will pale in comparison to any of the many weapons of power that exist throughout the galaxy;
Blades so Amazing and powerful simply holding one improves your ability to fight, they do however have a habit of getting anyone who wields them into a lot of trouble.

Almost all weapons can be modified to alter the functionality and damage.
Any blade or weapon that can be grouped with the aforementioned ‘Amazing blades’ will not be able to get modified by any smith or engineer worth anything.



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