Terminal Access Grid (TAG) tool

any assistance too. similar to a phone or portable terminal


The TAG tool is the single most addictive and useful tool in any everyday person’s day. It functions as a computer terminal to access email and communicator, not only that but you can explore the internet and play fun little game on it!

The TAG tool can come in any forms, the basic versions are simple bracelets worn on the wrist.
As you look at the more expensive versions you can get implants for better storage and holographic projection.

The later version of the Tag tool is very versatile, so much so that there is almost nothing that you cannot do with one, there Really IS an app for EVERYTHING!


Basic TAG: 1,200 credits
Standard TAG: 5,000 credits
Advance TAG: 16,000 credits


Super TAG: 50,000 credits
Premium TAG 100,000 credits
Supurbe TAG: 180,000 credits
Specialist TAG 500,000 credits
Profesional TAG: 1,400,000 credits
Elite TAG: 6,400,000 credits

All TAG tools can be modified to alter the functionality.


Terminal Access Grid (TAG) tool

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