(Dead) A quirky tech girl who never parts with her drone, Saph.


Sorrowyn is 19, her dark black hair draping across her shoulders. Her eyes an emerald green glistening with a fierce determination as she commands her drone Sapphire (Saph) to attack!
Her pistol holstered, showing her passive nature, Saph on the other hand? She’ll set you on fire as soon as she meets you! Protecting Sorrowyn is her ONLY objective.

This quirky engineer tinkers away quite happily on her own, when she’s not fixing machines she’s patching up people. This resourcefulness has opened a lot of doors for her, granting her entrance to a flight school on Outpost 9 she became a flight ace as well. “If knowledge is power, I will learn it all” this curious disposition has been the source of more than a few shenanigans but with Saph at her side nothing can get in Sorrowyn’s never ending quest for answers…


As a child Sorrowyn was known by a different name, had a different life, it was good. She grew up in the upper city in the wealthy district, things were different; war did not exist, pain was a thing of myth, luxury and comfort in the warm embrace of love and kindness that was her parents arms.

Sorrowyn’s story doesn’t start until later in her childhood when her parents were murdered, whether it was pirates or politicians the result was the same: a little girl crying in a pool of blood with nothing but a toy to hold in the horrifying viscera. She was 5.

Leaving the comfort of riches little Sorrowyn had a hard life growing up, homeless and abandoned she found her way to the slums of “paradise”. Stumbled in the undercity she was taken in by a kind man known as The Don. This is where she met Viridis as they grew up in the “orphanage” (bar) together.
-Age 9

Though life has never been the same Sorrowyn adjusted well, she was a happy cheerful brat that always saw the best in the world around her… Even in the worst of people, that’s when she met “the love of my life!!!!” as she put it. It wasn’t to be, he used and misused her, lying, stealing, cheating and more, she’d had enough! She stood up! And fell back down, she wasn’t strong enough to handle him alone, so she brought friends, V was the friend for the job and she delivered. Bruised and beaten the scumbag left running tail ’tween his legs. Sorrowyn would later learn that he had friends of his own, narrowly escaping with her life she started to look for answers, possible for the first time in her life she truly knew what she wanted to do.
-Age 15

The bar wasn’t where Sorrowyn wanted to be all her life, it was a great place for her, but she wanted more. Studying under the tutelage of mechanics around the slums she picked up trick after trick. The drone was build from what remained of the toy Sorrowyn kept from her past, Sapphire, named after her mother would always be there to protect her with warm hugs and a cheerful disposition.
Sorrowyn was soon after recruited into The Outpost‘s security forces and found her opportunity to learn medicine, now being able to patch people and machines Sorrowyn is well on her way to answer that question that’s haunted her all this time; “How do you mend a broken heart?”.
-Age 19


Beyond the Stars Cave