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Hey guys! thanks for giving me a shot! Really excited to work on this project with you guys!!! I mean FORERUNNER TECH!!!! and WE are the first to find it!!! PINCH ME!!! Its to good to be true XD

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and I also needed to send you this attachment… It’s just some legal bullshit.. Working “by the book” on this, it has to be done right if we’re gonna FIND anything! Which we will so SHUT UP! I’ve got this!!!!

[Attached are legal documents; non-disclosure agreements and Media Consent Forms]

To:, *@lazuli.lounge.tag

From: D.Blint@lazuli.lounge.tag

False. We have not found it yet, as we do not have the location of the forerunner dig site yet, nor do we have any real leads on its location other than the information provided by the good Dr. Eilts, so we have much work ahead of us.

Also, non-disclosure agreements I understand, however, these media consent forms… I believe I speak for most of the crew when I say that we do not want our names or faces on ANY records for this job.

Email - Documentary

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