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Greetings all. I am writing you to bring you all up-to-date on where we stand on the Forerunner discovery.
As we stand we have nothing. We shall have to find Dunkun or his collaborators, on this note, I have heard mention of his associates near a local “gathering hole” or the like. I shall leave this information in your (hopefully) capable hands.

To the effect of my previous sentence, I am placing a great deal of faith in your yet untested capabilities. I however do not have much choice in the matter otherwise I would have kept my original meat sacks to deal with any unfortunate problems that will inevitably complicate what should be a mundane, as well as historic and breathtaking excavation.

I will keep a report on what I find and inform you on any relevant material, should you require further assistance I shall reluctantly cease my exigent studies to attend your nondescript quarrels.

Celine Eilts PhD.

Email - Forerunners

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